Monday, July 18, 2016

Weekly Recap

Well it's back to work. This will be my first day on the sales floor, well the phone..hello Inside Sales. I made myself some cheat sheets and a goal board so I know what I'm working toward. Lack of planning doesn't make me very happy.

This week has been different to say the least.
I've been working really hard on trying to exercise and eat right but this week hasn't been as great as what I wished that it was. First, I started a new job and I told my family and friends that we moved to Oklahoma. Those are both emotional stressors which normally send me running for food but surprisingly, it didn't. The weather, I'll also get to that later too, was a factor for me not going to the park to walk on the walking trail and then this weekend, I've honestly been lazy. My new job catered food in every day this past week and not the good kind of food that I can be proud to post a pic of either. I tried watching my portion control and I did manage to go walking more days than I have photos for.

Okay so can I be a little ugly for a second?

I'm out at the park. I love the park we go to. It's super nice, has tons of people walking it, goes through a high school and a park and is clearly marked so you know how far you've walked, jogged, etc. I'm maybe a mile in to my walk when I see this lady. She is about my same size and height but she is ahead of me like nobody's business. Being that I have a very competitive side, there is no way I'm letting this lady pass my by. I step it and get past her. When I get past her I am exhausted but I have to keep up my pace so she doesn't lap me. When I could no longer see her behind me, I caught a cramp. That's what I get for being ugly right? That's what I said. I see all kinds of people our there daily. I see people bigger than me, some my size and many that are way smaller but we all have one thing in common, we are all out there working hard.

I told you guys I started a new job this week. Listen Clear, it's a young company that sales hearing aids. Y'all, I am so hyped up for this job. I see so much potential.

So I'm at my new job on the 24th floor, this week. For the next 2 months I will be on the 8th floor and then we don't know where but in the same building we are in now. At lunch, the tornado sirens go off and while they were telling us move to the center of our floors and away from the windows, we are all watching the rotation, miles to the North of where we were and right where my husband was. Lexi and the dogs were downstairs in the hotel where we are staying until August 1st so I was busy texting her. My husband and some of his coworkers made it to a convex and tied the door shut with a fire hose. It was scary but kind of neat all at the same time.
The dogs were more scared than any of us but I think they have adjusted just fine.

Yes, she is licking a picture of food even though she had just eaten..crazy Sophie!
Lexi and I went to dinner the other night and had a nice time talking without cell phones in our hands. We should do that more often and then I got this beauty sent to me today:
I can't even express how much I love this little girl. I never imagined being a grandmother this young but I wouldn't trade it for the world. I love you Eliana!

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