Thursday, September 1, 2016

Hello September.....

It's never been a secret that Fall is by far my most favorite season EVER!!!!
There is something about Fall that makes me have an internal shift.
The air becomes cooler - Farmer's Almanac says the first cold snap will hit the 2nd week in September.....I'm praying so, the air smells different, football season is in full effect, my birthday is around the corner, the holidays are coming....I just love Fall.

So what do I plan to accomplish in September:

  • Start my new job this coming week. While I don't exactly love working weekends, it's a rotation and it's days so I will still have plenty of time with my family AND I can manage to get things done on my off days
  • Blog daily except the weekends. When I blogged before I literally blogged every single day without fail but I am not going to blog Saturdays or Sundays
  • 4 Fall Crafts & 4 Fall Recipes - Don't worry, I promise to share
  • Get furniture for the living room  and dining room - our old furniture had seen better days so when we moved to Oklahoma, we left the furniture in Texas.
  • Get out with the girls and walk. They will run but no way am I ready to tackle that
  • Plant some Fall annuals in the flower beds
  • Make my birthday list
  • Find a church to go to with my family

What are your goals for September?

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