Friday, September 2, 2016

I'm A Nanny's Girl

Lots of people say Daddy's Girl and Mama's Boy.
While I am much closer to my mom than I am my dad, it was once very opposite, I can honestly say I am not a Mama or Daddy's girl.....I am a Nanny's girl.

We moved to Oklahoma and we found an amazing house. Our house is so amazing that both Joseph and I would love to own this house one day - I keep speaking it into existence. While the house is not in Texas, this house reminds me of my Nanny is so many ways and today, as I found myself out in the yard, it reminded me even more of how much I miss her and admire her.

It started yesterday when I got this is the mail. My mom sells produce on the square where she lives and my dad used to do the same - they are divorced so no, they didn't do it together though now they get along well enough they probably could. My Nanny was a gardener. Her yard was huge and it was full of plum, pear and pecan trees. One year she grew persimmons but I can't remember another year besides that one. Someone had a fig tree but I think it may have been us at the white house (not the White House but the house we called the white house). I have a decent yard where I live but we live in a house that is 118 years old and all the houses around us are too. My yard has to be beautiful, we live on the corner.

I learned a lot about my house, which I'll share in another post but one thing I do know is that the lady who manages the local Church's Chicken, her grandparent's owned this house. Some of the bulbs and plants have been here a long time, longer than the man who owns our house now. My dogs like to dig in two flower beds in the backyard. One has nothing in it but the other one had a ton of some type of mystery bulbs so I dug them all up so I can replant them.

Under one of the Oak trees in the front yard were some random Cannas. I dug them up too.

I am going to let them bloom and when they do, I am going to take some to the granddaughter of the lady who used to own this house. The lady is still alive so I may do two flower pots so she can give them to her grandmother. 

My Nanny has been on my mind a lot recently. I don't know why so much but I don't care. I miss her and thinking of her is exactly what she wanted; to never be forgotten. After my Nanny passed away, one of my aunts gave me something beautiful.
I don't use it often, mainly because I'm terrified I'm going to break it. This is just like my Nanny. It's pretty, it's pink and it has flowers on it. I made Joseph some red velvet cupcakes for his birthday and while he didn't care what the cake plate looked like, I cared. 

When I was little, we would fight over who got to water my Nanny's flowers. When we went someplace and she saw a plant she liked, she would take a little clipping, even if that meant stopping on the side of the road. We picked wild grapes and plums more times than a few. She never had much except love and food. I find myself not having much except love and food to give to my family and to my grandchildren. Maybe that will change one day but what more can a person ask for than real love?

I was surprised when I walked out my backdoor and saw this:

My Aunt Rachel told me today that my Nanny had these same Spider Lillies but hers were orange. She also offered to let me come take bulbs and clippings from my Nanny's plants. Y'all have no idea how happy that made me. 

All this thinking about my Nanny got me thinking about my granddaughter, Eliana. She is my first grandbaby and I love and miss her dearly right now. In February, her cousin, Noah, will be joining our family. I am excited about him too but until I can share photos of him, let me overload you with Eliana. Oh, they are calling me Nanny too. Biggest honor EVER!!!

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